Behaviour and Temperment Checks


Bearded Dragons Normal Behaviour

Normally, bearded dragons should be responsive, and eager to move around. If comfortable, bearded dragons bask under heat lamps. Bearded dragons are known to thermoregulate, which is when they move to warmer/cooler areas of their enclosure to regulate their body temperature.

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Ill Health

If a bearded dragon has its mouth gaping open, this means it is overheating, or cannot thermoregulate. Another unhealthy bearded dragon sign is extreme changes in behaviour.

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Signs of Stress

Signs of stress in bearded dragons include loss of appetite, lethargy or tiredness, erratic shedding of the skin and increased aggression.

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Bearded Dragon Faeces

Should consist of white urea and dark faeces.

If the faeces has drastically changed, or has a mousse-like texture, or contains blood, that is a sign of ill health.

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