Before You Were Mine by Carol Ann Duffy

Some techniques and themes in the poem.

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  • The Metaphor: "Marilyn." shows how the speaker looks up to her mother, she admires her, her mother is beautiful and popular. She thinks her mother deserves to be famous.
  • 1st person shows how the she is possessive and controlling, she looks up to her mum and wants t keep her to herself.
  • The Metaphor "stamping stars" are symbolising the stars in Hollywood, which shows how her mum wants to be famous.
  • The word "Sparkle" reflects how special and precious her mother and their relationship is.
  • The short sentance of "Marilyn." puts emphasis on the way the speaker views her mum.
  • Each stanza is like the speaker is looking at a photo or a different memories their mother has had.  
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Tone and Meanings







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Comparisons to other poems

  • 'Havisham'
  • 'Mother,any distance'
  • 'Homecoming'
  • 'Kid'
  • 'On My First Sonne'
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