These card will briefly tell me what the basics are for each BCS chapter.

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Stakeholder- a person or group who has an interest in the business. They want the business to suceed to they can get more benefits. If the business suffers, so does thet steakholder.

Owner(internal)- more profit, invest in buying shares

Shareholders(internal)- They invest, make money, and invest more. They will get more dividends(shares in profits)

Employee(internal)- Higher pay, higher status, job security and self esteem

Manager(internal)- Gets higher pay and promotions. Higher status and bonus wages, job offeres and they hire good people.

Supplier(external)- Suppliers get more orders and bigger ones aswell.

Community(external)- good publicity for the community, sponsorships etc

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Businesses Aims and Objectives.

Businesses have many different objectives all the time. For example some may be that they want to survive, have market power, maximise sales to increase profits, gain cheaper suppliers, to be popular worldwide, make customers happy, become fair trade, gain branches, bigger loaction, have fun!

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