BBC Interpretation of Measure for Measure (AO5)

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Key Details to Use

- Isabella is dressed in white (a symbol of her purity which Angelo is attracted to). 

- Angelo's shirt gradually becomes more undone as he gives in to his lustful desires. 

- Angelo's soliloquy ('let's write good angel on the devil's horn' - Act 2 Scene 4) - delivered in a mirror, shows the conflicted nature of his personality. 

- Duke constantly seems to appear in the Friar disguise seemingly out of nowhere, emphasises his omniscient presence as a choric character (Act 3 Scene 1 - Pompey's imprisonment - is a prime example). 

- the Duke flaunts himself upon his return in Act 5 Scene 1 - despite his character earlier stating that he dislikes public ceremony ('millions of false eyes are stuck upon thee'). 

- Isabella hugs Claudio when she finds out he still lives at the play's denouément, not given as stage directions on the original script so the director wants to show the closeness between the siblings. 

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