Battle for the Biosphere

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Describe some of the goods and services the biosphere provides humans

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The biosphere is incredibly valuable. It offers humans goods like food from animals e.g. chicken as well as plant food like grain, both of which are essential for humans to survive. Moreover, it provides fuel like wood to generate heat and electricity. This wood can also be used to make furniture and other structures. Many medicines are also found in the biosphere, particularly plant extracts, protecting humans from illness and disease.

It also provides services like leisure activities, like Go Ape! in Delamere forest. Such attractions also provide employment, generating income for people as well as offering tourists something to visit. The biosphere is also shelter for many animals and protects them. It also regulates the balance between CO2 and O2 which in turn helps to reduce the effects of global warming. This is essential because it means humans have enough oxygen to breathe and it also prevents the planet becoming too hot and uninhabitable.

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Describe how one biome is being threatened by human interference

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The Amazon is currently under threat due to human actions, particularly deforestation. Many trees are chopped down to obtain wood for fuel and furniture, mainly to export to MEDCs. Furthermore, land is needed to provide food and accommodation for the increasing population of Brazil, thus trees need to be cleared to use the land. The land is also used by Transnational Corporations for cattle ranching, providing meat to export to MEDCs. A further use of this land is to generate HEP energy for the growing population.

Aside from deforestation, a further problem the Amazon faces is mining. The Amazon has supplies of gold, bauxite and diamonds. The extraction of these resources results in waste and pollution which damages wildlife habitats. This in turn can impact biodiversity or even result in extinction.

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Explain some ways of conserving threatened species, using examples.

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One global method of protecting threatened species is the RAMSAR convention which was established in 1971. Many countries joined in order to protect their wetland areas. This helps to conserve these areas and therefore protect the species that inhabit them e.g. herons.

A small-scale method of protecting threatened species is Biodiversity Action Plans in the UK. Local communities work together to protect species for example replanting projects. This provides habitats for woodland wildlife and facilitates their survival. Moreover, trees regulate the oxygen and carbon dioxide balance and reduce the impacts of global warming which further protects wildlife like polar bears who would become extinct id ice-caps melted in increased temperatures. These may only be small-scale projects but together they can still have a global impact if enough people take part.

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