Bathside Bay and Harwich


  • BBC Documentary - Felixstowe couldn't handle all the stock
  • CGI - predicted what the area was to look like and what would be affected and the yacht place was to be effected too
  • Matrix - "players" would mean it was contravsal, local people disagreed amoungst themselves, business owners wanted it to go ahead and conservationists were strongly against it
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  • Interviews - 415 people disagreed with mostly about noise and water pollution
  • SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Oppotunities and Threats) - create jobs but their would be harm to the enviroment
  • EIA (Enviromental Impact Assessment) - Harwich East control scored 527/630 on the EIA making it the most effected area in Harwichthis was becasue it was so close to the area of the build and would be affected by the transportation of employee's and the construction
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