Bathing a child

Here i will talk about bathing a child and what is needed.

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What is needed when bathing a new born child.

Baby bath ( most are made from plastic.)

cotton wool

bath towels

bath lotion ( use gentle baby lotion as the skin is not use to alot of chemicals on)

waterproof apron

clean set of clothes

clean nappy.

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Information on bathing

room temp should be around 18 - 21 degrees

prevent draughts by closing windows and doors

try and make bath time fun, let the child kick about

babies should be topped and tailed each morning

water temp should be no higher than 46 degrees

have a slip resistant bath or shower

keep cleaning materials out of reach of child

always supervise your child

wrap your baby in a warm towel after the bath so no heat it lost

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Topping and Tailing

When wiping the babys face with cotton wool use warm water

never pull back the babies foreskin

clean a girl front to back so bracteria doesnt spread

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