Law barristers

They are self employed unless they work 'in house' for a company in their legal department
Although barristers are self employed (and must work alone) they can from associations with other barristers and share premises- these are known as 'chambers'
Barristers are legal advocates meaning that it is their role to stand up in court and talk on behalf of their client.
Because they have no direct contact with the client this means they can offer more objective options based on hard facts
The cab rank rule means that unlike solicitors barristers are prevented from choosing their clients
They are obliged to take the next client that comes along
This means they cannot cherry pick the obvious winners which would leave some clients without representation
Law degree -3 years
Or any degree + CPE (common professional exam) - 4 years in total
Join and inns of court
Bar professional training course-1 year
Pupilage-1 year
Called to the Bar

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