Barriers to regular Exercse

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Buying Suitable clothing and footwear

Buying equipment

Paying for transport to get to activities

Paying entry or membership fees

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Fitness level

People with a low fitness level may be self conscious about their body image

An overweight person may not want to get changed and go into a swimming pool and a skinny person not wanting to do weight lifting for looking spinddly

older people amy feel that someone younger than them is fitter

Overcomming this barrier

Attend specific classes aimed at a specific group or your skill level (over 50's or Mums and tots)

Aquafit run by instuctors help to develope self esteem and body image

people with ow fitness levels can avoid exercise that causes them discomfort

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Skill level

Exercise isn't as rewarding if you can't do it

A person's less likely to keep positive and keep doing exercise if they keep losing

To Overcome

Carefully select activities that they may have a talent for or aren't competitive

Attend beginners sessions

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Facility Locations

This can be a problem if live far away from facilities

cities and towns generally have goos swimming pools, gyms, sport centres and health clubs

People in urban areas may struggle to find outdoor adventure sports such as climbing and canoeing

Transport can also be an issue if there isn't regular transport of you are dependent on someone else taking you

How they can be overcome

Changing activity to suit where you are (walking instead of climbing)

local transport if available

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Work and family commitments

Some people exercise if they have enough time, common in young, single or retired

Having a job, long term reationship or have children there may be restrictions to your free time

How to overcome this

Changing the type of activity or when you exercise to fit with you schedule

for example, walking the children to school or exercising in the evening  

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Cultural Activities

Negative attitude towards exercise

don't think it's enjoyable

may think it's a waste of time

friends or family don't approve

no one else exercises

How to Overcome this

changing social environment - moving to uni or starting a new job

joining a club for social support

go as a group to make it intersting

do activities which are more interesting - skiing or fell walking

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Sam Morran


I like the way that barriers are outlined and then ways to overcome are discussed on the same page.  Helps to put the work into context.

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