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Barriers to education - restricted leanring due to : limited learning oppotunities by lack of resources. may cause frequent absences from school/college

Barriers to employment - physical disabilities may restrict from doing jobs that require mobility and agility. oppotunities may be restricted, can be becuase of discrimination

Environmental Barriers - Limitied access to public buildings, mostly affects people with sensory or physical dissabilities. limited wheelchair access, no lifts/ramps etc

Finacial Barriers - time off work, either because of illness/dissability or because they have to take care of loved one, lower wages. poor job oppotunities, discrimination. those living off benefits have very low income

Social barriers due to discrimination/prejudice - lack of understanding/knowledge can result in discrimination. can be embarrassing, can create fear when dealing with some who has a challenge condition. social exclusion, low expectations. some conditions casue inability to socialise/make friends/hold normal conversations, e/g autism.


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