Bangladesh Tropical cyclones

Revision cards on a tropical cyclone which hit Bangladesh which is an LEDC.

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Main Facts

  • In late April 1991 a tropical cyclone hit the east coast of Bangladesh. The worst hit areas was Moheshkhali and the delta of the Ganges and Brahmaputra rivers. 140,000 people died.
  • Bangladesh lies to the north of the Bay of Bengal where cyclones are funnelled
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Effects on human activity/ environment

  • Food shortages - crops and food supplies were washed away and 48,000 cattle died.
  • Clean water supplies were contaminated and diseases such as dysentery and cholera followed.
  • Fishing boats were damaged, badly affecting another source of food and employment.
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Additional detail

The cyclone hit the island at high tide. It was 11pm, when it was dark, making the effects worse. The third red flag raised, a sign to go to the special cyclone shelters, which was ignored by m,any people. In total the economic damage was estimated at £60 million.

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