Bangladesh floods in 1998

A set of cards covering the causes, effects and management

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Causes (physical and human) 1


  • Snowmelt in the Himalayas increased the quantity of water in rivers
  • Tropical cyclones added more water to rivers
  • Heavy monsoon rains caused there to be more water in rivers
  • 70% of the land is less than 1m above sea level
  • 10% of the land is covered in water normally (lakes and swamps)
  • Entire country acts as a flood plain for the Ganges and Brahmaputra rivers
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Causes (physical and human) 2


  • Deforestation in Nepal and Tibet meant that less water was absorbed by vegetation
  • Dams built in India meant that more water reached Bangladesh
  • Urbanisation meant that there were more impermeable surfaces so less infiltration of water
  • Global warming caused sea levels to rise making Bangladesh more prone to flooding
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  • 57% of the country was flooded
  • $1 billion costs estimated
  • Over 1000 died
  • Millions left homeless
  • Food shortages
  • Water borne disease such as Cholera spread
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Management (short term and long term) 1

Short term

  • Rescue boats distributed
  • Tents distributed
  • Food and clean water distributed
  • Medicine distributed
  • Aid from other countries recieved
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Management (short term and long term) 2

Long term

  • Flood warning scheme set up
  • Flood shelters built
  • Dam build
  • 350km of embankments built
  • Deforestation reduced
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