Bangladesh Floods

River flood in Bangladesh which is an LEDC.

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Main Facts

  • The flooding lasted from July to September with the Ganges reaching its highest levels ever.
  • 66% of the land area was underwater.
  • 30 million were made homeless.
  • Dhaka, the capital, was 2m underwater and almost completely took off.
  • 130, 000 cattle were killed.
  • The entire annual stock of rice was destroyed.
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Effects on human activity/ environment


  • Annual threat to life, property and livelihoods.
  • Accepted flood risk
  • Heavy monsoon rain causes summer flooding.
  • Silt blocks river channels and creates islands making discharge difficult
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Additional detail

  • Bangladesh - 80 per cent floodplain and delta making it very susceptible to flooding.
  • Water and electricity in Dhaka was cut off and the sewerage system collapsed.
  • Melting of snow from the Himalayas adds to the volume of water in the summer months
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Colette Kirk


what year did this happen in?



What were the main causes of the flood

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