Bandura, Ross and Ross (1961)

an indepth study which backs up Social Learning Theory

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Aims and Method and Procedure

  • To show children can learn agressive behaviour through immitation
  • Method and Procedure
  • Sample of 72 children. 36 girls, 36 boys
  • divided into 3 groups and given a male or female role model
  • 1 group- aggressive condition: an adult role model played with toys then aggressivley hit and kicked the Bobo doll
  • 2nd group- non aggressive condition- modle played with toys nicely and ignored Bobo doll
  • control- no role model present- children allowed to play
  • Then kids taken into a room with toys but were not allowed to play with them--produced annoynace.
  • Taken into a second room where there were lots of toys and the Bobo doll.
  • children observed through a one way mirror where behaviour noted and recorded
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Results ans Conclusions

  • children in the 1st condition were more aggressive to the Bobo doll than the other groups
  • 70% of the 2nd condition showed no aggression
  • boys had a higher level of physical aggression than girls
  • male aggressive model more likely to be copied than a female one as females not associated with aggression
  • children more likely to copy the same sex role model


  • aggression can be learnt through immitation by observing aggressive role models
  • same sex role models had more of an effect than opposite sex role models- gender development.
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  • + supports SLT
  • +practicle application- media violence
  • + generalisability- large sample group and equal gender balance
  • +Scientific controls- 1 way mirror less chance of demand chacteristics
  • + Bobo doll present in all conditions made sure it wasn't just a preffered play toy
  • children's aggression measured before being split into groups so they knew aggression wasnt down to individual differences
  • + artificial- aggression against a toy not a real person
  • +Repicable as lab experiment- reliability
  • - Lab condition- low E.V
  • -high chance of demand characteristics- children knew they should kick the doll as allowed to play with toys where Bobo doll was present
  • -distress to the children-uncomfortable watching an adult be aggressive
  • - could replicate behaviour in real life- kick someone in the playground
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