Bandura Ross

Bandura Ross

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Bandura Ross

Aim: Children exposed to adult an adult behaving aggresively will imiate this behaviour in absence of themodel. Children exposed to a non-aggressive model will show less aggressive behaviour. children will imitate same-sex models more than opposite-sex models. Boys may be more predisposed to imitate aggressive models than girls


  • 72 children between 37-69months old
  • All attended Stanford University Nursery school
  • Equal number of boys and girls


  • Lab experiment
  • 48 children 6 in each group
  • 24 control
  • IVs: sex of child, sex of model, behaviour of model
  • DVs: imitative physical verbal agression. imitative non-aggressive verbal responses
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Bandura Ross


  • Children exposed to adult model playing aggressively/not aggressively with the Bobo doll
  • Agression arousal: children were shown attractive toys and told they were not allowed to play with them
  • Observation of delayed imitation- lasted 20 mins while child was in a room with aggressive and non-aggresive toys. Observed through a oneway mirror


  • Boys were more physically aggressive and girls were more verbally agressive
  • children tended to imitate same-sex models for all types of behaviour


provides support for Social Learning Theory - children learn aggression through imitating role models

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