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Sex, Love and Desire Quotes

  • "roused my carnal instincts"
  • "licking and probing its way to the seat of my manhood
  • "spreading ****** material"
  • "she's the Number One beauty on the Phoenix of the Sky"
  • "We made love there, against the trunk. Standing. She was a virgin, and her blood dripped onto the leaves scattered underneath"
  • "we were content to watch her lovely face bathed in the luminous colours"
  • "irresistable attraction"
  • "she had missed two periods"
  • "she had learned one thing from Balzac: that a woman's beauty is a treasure beyond price"
  • "an unusual beauty, redelent with an exotic fragrence as sensual as the perfume wreathing a wine stored for centuries in the cellar"
  • "leaving the secret agent lying face down on his bed, where he abandoned himself in the dark to a betrayl that left his pants sticky"
  • "their eyes, burning with desire"
  • "How could i die now, without having known love or sex"
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  • "her glowing comlexion"
  • "I vertually knew nothing about sex at the time"
  • "to lick them lovingly"
  • "jealous looks"
  • "her face would light up, flush with colour, and blossom with wonder"
  • "I longed to ask if I might kiss her red nails"
  • "she was breathtaking"
  • "she was certainly the prettiest"
  • "feverish with envy
  • "circling my *******"
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