Baking, Brewing and Making Yoghurt

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  • Yeast and sugar is put into the flour
  • The yeast uses the sugar and respires aerobically (with oxygen) to create carbon dioxide and water
  • This makes the bread expand and rise due to the air (CO2) spaces being created in the bread
  • Process is speeded up by warmer temperatures- hence placing bread in the oven.
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  • MALTING- the starch in Barley is broken down into a sugary solution by enzymes
  • Fermention (anaerobic respiration) occurs when the yeast is added, producing ethanol (alcohol) fromt he sugary solution
  • During wine making the fruit is used as an energy source by the yeast
  • BEER- hops are added for taste
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Making Yoghurt

  • LACTOSE= the sugar in milk
  • Milk is boiled, then brought down to about 40 degrees c
  • A bacteria culture is added and they ferment (respire anaerobically) to produce lactic acid
  • This makes the milk clot, forming yoghurt


  • The solid "curds" in the milk are packed together and left to mature to make cheese
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