Bacterial Disease Overview


Gram Positive Pathogenic Bacteria - Mycoplasmas


  • cytochromes, krebs cycle enzymes, cell wall 

Key points:

  • gram positive (but gram stain is pink), low G+C
  • cell membranes contain sterols, therefore no need for cell wall
  • no cell wall means mycoplasmas are pleomorphic

Inhabit: mucous membranes

  • respiratory tract
  • mycoplasma pneumoniae - pneumonia - treated with macrolides (inhibit protein synthesis)
  • mycoplasma mycoides - contagious bovine pleuropneumonia (animal pneumonia)
  • urinary tract = mycoplasma genitalium - STD


  • fluorescent antibody technique, pap techniques, pcr
  • antibiotic susceptibility tests
  • serological tests - ELISA, agglutination

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