Background to Mark's Gospel - 2 [Sources behind Mark's Gospel]

Possible Sources behind Mark's Gospel.

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Sources behind Mark's Gospel - Primary.

Primary Sources

Peter : Who was one of Hesus' closest disciples. He betrayed Jesus.

12 Disciples: Mark would know the other disciples as the all met in his mother's house, he would have heard their stories of their time with Jesus.

Other Witnesses: Mark would have met others, who have had their lives changed by Jesus. He may have met Simon of Cyrene, where he learns how Jesus was crucified.

Personal Experience: Mark may have followed Jesus when he was being led by Judas. He may have also witnessed the arrest.

Divine Inspiration: Mark was inspired by God.

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Secondary Sources

Collections of Teachings: Certain people were chosen as called by God to be teachers and preachers.

Passion Narrative: Events leading up to Jesus' Crucifixion wold have been told during Eucharist.

UR Markus: Mark worked from an earlier gospel writen in Aramaic.

Oral Sources

Paul and Barnabas: Did not know Jesus personally, were taught about his life and teachings.

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