B7 OCR 21st century science GCSE Injuries and exercise

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There are lots of injuries  which we can sustain but the most common ones when it comes to sport are 

  • Dislocations- where a bone or joint is not in the right place / layout 
  • fractures and broken bones 
  • sprains - damage to the ligaments when they have been moved outside their nautral amount of movement 

Rice is the way that we should remeber how to treat these sprains 

R = rest

I = Ice

C= compression 

E = elevation

symptoms of a sprain inculde redness at the site and brusing - the paitent is unlikely to let you touch it , an pain and swelling of the area

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This is done to help an injury heal by assisting the movement of the area by practicing sone exercises it can also be used for people who have muscular diabilities such as cerebral palsy again to aid with movement skills , and will increase the strength of a muscle this process can take while to improve

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health information - use and storage

Information such as details of the symptoms a person has had in the pass or the current medication that they are on is important when you treat people or looking for what they are suffering from - this information will help with diaganostics

can you think of other information that would help with diganostics ?

information is stored becuase it will make it easier for example if one doctor is ill one day  ( the irony !) then another doctor can look at the information an help to treat a paitent rather than starting over again it could also show evidence of mal pratice in some cases

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Progress and recording data

data that is recorded must be accurate to allow for the right treatment of people and it will increase motivation if someone can see that they are progressing and pooor data accuracy will hinder this 

if you can see that someone is progressing too quickly then it is likely that the excercises that have been given to them at a gym to do for example  are too easy and this could result in a lack of motivation and could lead to a longer recovery time and and lack of challenge and improvement 

the opposite is also true ,progress will be very slow if someone is finding certain execise hard this will  decrease motivation and could also lead to other injuries

you can motior progress by weighing someone if they want to lose weight or by measuring someones pulse and resperation rates

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