B6 Brain and mind

21st century science B6 additional science

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Keywords and need to know's!

B6 Brain and mind-

CNS-central nervous system

Stimuli-Hormonal (chemical) or electrical

Synapses-Gaps between neurons 

Reflex actions

Conditional reflexes (your brain can alter the reaction given)

Neuron pathways-destroyed and created in the brain from the use and disuse of stimuli 

coordination of senses


mapping and cortex-bit of phycology

memory and drugs on the nervous system

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Order of CNS

CNS Order-

Receptor-Nerves that feel

Sensory Neaurons-nerves alert the sensor

Relay Neurons-Relay the electrical signal to spinal cord

Spinal cord

Brain-CNS creates stimuli

Motor neauron-Muscle recieving stimuli

Effector-The movement itself

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Can you explain what a central peripheral nervous system is?

and how it's different from normal cns

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