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Key Words

Behaviour- the way an animal responds to a change in the environment.
Stimulus- change in the environment which triggers a response.
Simple Reflex- an automatic response made by an animal to a stimulus.
Involuntary- an automatic response made by the body without conscious thought.

Simple Reflex Pros:

  • help an animal to find food, shelter or a mate.
  • escape from predators.
  • avoid harmful environments.

Simple Reflex Cons:

  • if an animal only has simple reflexes, they cannot change their behaviour quickly.
  • when the environment changes, they are not good for survival.

Complex Behaviour:

  • cultured through experience
  • make conscious decisions
  • better survival chance
  • example: feeling ill - take a tablet
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Simple Reflexes in Humans

Key Words:

Pupil Reflex - contracts in brighter light, relaxes when dim.
Newborn Reflexes - usually occur for a short time in childhood.

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