B5- Human Growth

From the zygote to a baby, what happens? The explanation.

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  • A zygote is a fertilised egg cell
  • The zygote contains all the instructions to make the cells in your body
  • It also has the means of making sure everything happens at the right time and at the right place
  • The zygote develops into about 100 cells in the fist week of growing.
  • All the cells contain a copy of the DNA from the zygote
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Embryos and fetuses

  • Embryo is what you call the baby from the zygote till it is two moths into the growth
  • When the embryo is growing some of the cells specialise and form tissue


  • When the vital organs have formed, after two months the baby is called a fetus.
  • A fetus will eventually resemble a baby
  • a baby will be called a fetus till birth
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