B3 - Soy sauce and Yoghurt production

A couple of concise revision cards for learning how to make yoghurt and soy sauce for B3 Edexcel.


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Yoghurt Production

Yoghurt Production

Sterilise Equipment - Kills bacteria --> Preventing contamination

Pasturise Milk - 72°  For 15 seconds --> To kill all microbes

Add Lactobaccilus - Ferments the milk --> By eating the Lactose

Lactic Acid is produced --> As pH is lowered

Yoghurt proteins change shape --> Milk coagulates

Flavoring can be added

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Soy Sauce Production

Soy Sauce Production

Mix cooked soy beans and roasted wheat together

Add Aspergillus --> To break down the mixture

Add yeast

Add Lactobaccilus

Filter it --> To remove all lumps

Pasturise it -->  72°  For 15 seconds --> To kill all microbes

Put in a sterile bottle

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