B3 - The Basics of Respiration

The basics of respiration.

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The Basics of Respiration

Let's start by saying that RESPIRATION IS NOT BREATHING IN AND OUT. This is a common mis-conception, and so you need to know this before you read on.

Respiration occurs in all of your cells, all of the time.

It is the process of releasing energy from glucose.

The energy that is created from respiration cannot be used directly, and so it is turned into ATP, which can be used.

ATP is an energy source for most processes in cells, and it can transport energy to anywhere that needs it within the cell. This is VERY useful.

Enzymes control respiration, and so this consequently means that respiration is affected by temperature and pH, as primarily enzymes are effected by this.

There are two types of respiration - aerobic and anaerobic. Basically, aerobic uses lots of oxygen, and anaerobic doesn't need oxygen at all. Remember that and you're ok!

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