B3 - Proteins and their Functions

Revision cards on the functions of proteins.

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These control cell reactions.

Enzymes need to be at their optimum temperature to work best.

If the temp. is too high, then the enzymes denature.

Examples of reactions caused by enzymes;



Protein Synthesis.

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Carrier Molecules

These are used to transport smaller molecules.

For example:

Haemoglobin binds to oxygen molecules and transports them around the body.

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Hormones are used to carry messages around the body.

For example:

Insulin is a hormone.

It is released into the blood stream by the pancreas, and regulates blood sugar levels.

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Structural Proteins

These are physically strong proteins.

For example:

Collagen is a structural protein.

It strengthens connective tissues - so things like cartilage and ligaments.

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