B3 - Phases of Human Growth

The human body grows in different phases. Here is a list of them, and the key facts of each.


Phases of Human Growth

There are 5 phases of human growth. These are;

  • infancy
  • childhood
  • adolescence
  • maturity/adulthood
  • old age

Infancy is the 1st two years of life. Childhood is between infancy and puberty. Adolescence is the stage between puberty and growth completion. Adulthood is the stage between finishing growth, and old age. Old age starts at around 65 and ends at death.

Growth rates change throughout this;

At infancy, growth is rapid. During childhood, growth is steady. During adolescence, growth is rapid once again. At adulthood, the growth stops, and so through adulthood and old age, there is no growth.

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