B3 - Parts of the Heart

The names of parts of the heart. Remember these for your exam.

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Parts of the Heart

What sections does the heart contain?

  • aorta - takes oxygenated blood from left ventricle to whole body
  • pulmonary artery - takes deoxygenated blood from right ventricle to the lungs
  • pulmonary vein - takes oxygenated blood from lungs and to the left atrium
  • vena cava - gives deoxygenated blood to right atrium
  • semilunar valve (x2) - valve on either side of the heart
  • right atrium - receives deoxygenated blood
  • left atrium - receives oxygenated blood
  • bicuspid valve - valve on left side of heart
  • tricuspid valve - valve on right side of heart
  • right ventricle - pumps deoxygenated blood to the lungs
  • left ventricle - pumps oxygenated blood around whole body
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