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Some topics from B2.

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The Digestive System

The breakdown of food is catalysed by enzymes.

1) Enzymes in the difestive system are produced by specialised cells in glands and in the gut lining.
2) Different ezymes catlayse the breakdown of different food molecules.

Slaivary glands- These produce amylase enzyme in the saliva.

Liver- Where bile is produced. Bile neutralises stomach acid and emuslifies fats.

Gall bladder- Where bile is stored before it is released into the small intestine.

Large intestine- where excess water is absorbed from the food.

Rectum- Where the faeces and stored before they are emptied out of the body.

Small Intestine- 1) Produces protease, amylase and lipase enzymes to complete digestion. 2)This is also where the food is absorbed out of the digestive system and into the body.

Pancreas- Produces protease, amylase and lipase enzymes. ityreleases theminto the small intestine.

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