B2: Osmosis and Diffusion

Here is a set of revision cards for students taking AQA Additional Science. These cards are about Osmosis and Diffusion from the B2 (biology) section. Hope these cards help with revision! Please rate and comment on how they can be improved :) Also, I have a study group called AQA Additional Science for students to discuss this topic and more. Feel free to become a member, the more the merrier!

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Diffusion = particles move passively from a high to a low concentration

Gas or Solutions can diffuse

The greater the difference in concentration (called the concentration gradient) the faster the rate of diffusion

the net movement = particles moving in - particles moving out

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Osmosis = movement of water across a partially permeable membrane

Water moves from a dilute to a more concentrated solution

The difference in both concentrations causes osmosis

If cells have too much water then they swell and burst

If cells dont have enough water they shrivel and shrink, no longer functioning properly

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Important Definitions

dilute solution = a solution with mainly water

concentrated solution = a solution with little water

a partially permeable membrane = a membrane that allows some particles through but not others, depending on the particles sizes

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thnks a lot the definitions really helped. if you can could you put up diffusion in animal and plant cells plus osmosis in animal and plant cells.

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