B2: Homeostasis

A set of revision cards covering Homeostasis to help students with AQA B2 revision (additional science). Hope these help you revise! Please rate and comment on how they can be improved :) Also, I have a study group called AQA Additional Science where we discuss this topic and more. Feel free to become a member, the more the merrier!

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Waste Products Removed From The Body

  • Carbon Dioxide produced by respiration which leaves the body mainly through the lungs when we breathe out
  • Urea produced in the liver by the breakdown of amino acids which is removed by the kidneys and in urine
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Internal Conditions Controlled

  • water and ion content of the body
  • core body temperature
  • blood sugar levels
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Water and Ion Content

  • if the water or ion content of the body is wrong, too much water may move in to or out of cells through osmosis, damaging the cells
  • water and ions enter the body when we eat and drink
  • sweating helps to cool the body by evaporating off our skin
  • more water is lost when it is hot than when it is cold
  • the amount of water lost will always equal the amount of water gained
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Core Body Temperature

  • monitored and controlled by the thermoregulatory centre (hypothalumus) in the brain
  • this centre has receptors sensitive to the temperatures of blood flowing thorugh the brain
  • skin receptors send impulses to the centre giving information about skin temperature
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Blood Glucose Concentration

  • monitored and controlled by the pancreas
  • insulin (a hormone) is produced by the pancreas
  • insulin allows glucose to move into and out of cells
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Core Body Temperature Continued...

When our body temperature is high:

  • hairs lie flat
  • sweat is produced to cool us down (by evaporation)
  • blood vessels dilate so more blood flows closer to the skin for the heat to transfer

When our body temperature is low:

  • hairs stand up to trap air (as an insulator)
  • no sweat is produced
  • blood vessels constrict
  • we shiver which releases energy and heat
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