B2 - Adaptations: Desert Plants

A collection of revision cards to help you understand the adaptations plants have to desert environments.

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Small Surface Area to Volume Ratio

They have a more rounded shape.

This means they have a small surface area to volume ratio.

This is important because it reduces water loss on the surface of the plant.

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Cuticles and Spines

A cuticle is a thick waxy layer.

Plants that have this are going to lose less water.

The spines, instead of leaves, also reduces water loss.

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Storing Water

They store water in their stems.

This is because they can use it in droughts.

This means they can survive for longer on their store of water.

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Shallow Roots

The roots of desert plants are shallow.

This is so the little water there is can be absorbed immediately.

They also have extensive roots so that they can get water over long distances.

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In Conclusion...

In conclusion, desert plants are adapted and have;

  • small surface area to volume ratio
  • cuticles and spines
  • water stores
  • shallow and extensive roots
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