B2 - Adaptations: Desert Animals

I have made some revision cards to help you understand the adaptations of desert animals to their environment. Hope it helps.

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Specialised Kidneys

Desert animals have specialised kidneys.

This is to reduce the amount of water in the urine.

They make highly concentrated urine, and reduce water loss.

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Sweat Glands

They have no sweat glands.

This is because if they did, they would lose too much water.

Instead, they lose no water through sweating.

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They often burrow underground.

This reduces the time they spend in the sun.

Therefore, less water is lost this way.

Also, the underground area has more moisture than above ground.

This also helps to keep them cool.

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In Conclusion...

In conclusion, desert animals;

  • have specialised kidneys
  • have no sweat glands
  • spend most of their time in burrows
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