B1T2 Hormones

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Types of Hormones

Hormone                                    Gland                      Function

Growth hormone                         Pituitary                  Causes growth

Insulin                                         Pancreas                Controls blood sugar

Adrenalin                                    Adrenal                   Prepares body for action

Oestrogen and prosterone         Ovaries                   Sex characteristics in women

Testies                                       Testosterone            Sex characteristics in men 

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Growth Hormone

Released in short pulses, mostly during first hours of sleep and in response to stress. Growth hormone deficency is a medical condition. Athletes use HGH as a type of therapy. Controls production of growth. Regulates muscle and fat in body.

Risks include: abnormal growth, high blood pressure, increase in sweat.

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Has many bodily functions, regulating heartbeat, blood vessels and air diameters. Great for fight and flight. Released by adrenal gland. Helps with asma and allergic reactions.

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Secreted into the blood to cause your glucose levels to rise. It controls your glucose levels. If no control diabetes can occur.

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Male sex hormone. Required for sperm production, development of reproductive organs, facial hair, deeper voice and muscles. Produced in testies and flows into a women's ovaries during sexual intercourse.

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Oestrogen and Progestrone

Stimulates changes in puberty.Oestrogen increases deposition of fatty tissue. Created by ovaries. Helps with bone growth. Progestrone affects uterus to prepare for pregnancy during the menstraul cycle.

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The Nervous System

The nervous sytem controls the nerves. Goes through signal proccess. Action proccesses. Is more voluntary.

Stimulas-Receptors-Sensory Neurone-Relay Neurone (in spine)-Motor neurone-Reaction

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Endorcine System

The endorcine system controls your hormones. Shorter proccesses. Internal proccesses. Automatic proccess.

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