B1a Revision Cards

B1a title: Fitness and Health.

Make sure you know the difference between being Fit and Heathy.                             

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B1a Revision Cards- Fitness and Health

Blood Pressure:

  • Heart muscle contratcts to make a heart beat. This squeezes the blood through blood vessels called arteries.
  • The blood in arteries is under pressure.

the blood needs to be under pressure so it can reach all the parts of the body. This is important, because the blood carries food and oxygen to cells all around the body.


  • What type of blood vessel carries blood under pressure?

Arteries carry blood under pressure.

  • What puts blood under pressure?

The heart puts the blood under pressure.

  • Why is it important for blood to reach all parts of the body?

Because the blood carries oxygen and nutrients.

Ftness and Heath:

Being fit does not stop bacteria and viruses entering the body, and causing infections.

the difference between fitness and health:

Fitness is the ability to do physical activity.

Healthy is being free from disease.

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