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Taylor Sanchez _ Profile

  • Date of Birth : 15th February 1991 (i am 22)
  • Address : 11, New Road, New Town
  • Occupation : Bar Server
  • Date of Statement : 24th December


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My Statement

  • Worked at the bar for 2 years whilst on leave for university, studying ICT.
  • Worked the evening 23rd of December
  • Bar was busy, chairs were taken and people were stood.
  • David Jones was there from 7pm sat on a stool, I know David because he is a regular and I served him larger.
  • Pub got busier at 10pm = At this time Tom & Jane Low enetered the pub.
  • They were with a lady/man wearing a khaki green ski jacket = I don't know this man/women but i remember serving her during the previous few days.
  • They were loud and clearly drunk.
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My Statement

  • They pushed through the crowd to the bar and tried to order drinks (there were people waiting) I ignored them
  • I kept an eye on them because there behaviour concerned me.
  • Tom pointed at David Jones and all three glared at him. They grouped into a hiddle, whispered to each other and nodded in agreement.
  • Tom & Jane then pushed throught the crowd towards David Jones until Tom was stoood by the side of David and Jane was behind him. Tom spoke in David- he looked scared. Jane grabbed David under chin and pulled him off the stool to the floor and Tom repeatedly kicked him.
  • Jane then started scratching at a David's face and pulling his hair. Tom aided by Jane pulled David the 2-3m it takes to get to the exit door and porch. They went through and David was thrown down the step and onto the street outside.
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My Statement

  • The door closed blocking my view.
  • Mayhem then broke out in the pub. People rushed to the door to see what was going on. My attention was instantly drawn to the lady/man who was standing with her back to the door, facing the bar.
  • He/she was intentionally blocking the door by moving from side to side and using her/his torso and arms as a barricade to force people away and prevent them from exiting the pub.
  • I was concerned about customer safety so I ran around the bar in an attempt to clear the door way. When I got there the crowd had eased.
  • The group were watching whatever was going on outside and through them i saw a glimpse of someone in a padded green coat moving side to side at the front. It had to be the same lady who was blocking the door earlier.
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My Statement

  • The landlord Pat Smith ordered me to return to the bar because it was left unsupervised. 2 mintues later Pat brought David back into the bar and upstairs.
  • His t-shirt had been ripped and his nose was bleeding.
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