Fitness Notes B1

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Healthy = Being free of any infections or disease

Fit = How well you can perform physical tasks

Stamina shows cardiovascular efficiency (the ability of heart supplying muscles with oxygen)

Tested by measuring oxygen uptake during exercise / blood pressure

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Blood Pressure

Blood is pumped through heart contractions --> Increases pressure

Arteries --> capillaries --> veins

Pressure decreases through the body

Heart contracts = highest pressure / systolic pressure

Heart relaxes = lowest pressure / diastolic pressure

Measured in mmMg

Should not be over 135/85

Increasing factors: smoking, being overweight, drinking alcohol, being under stress

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Problems with Blood Pressure

High pressure = blood vessels can burst. Leads to strokes, brain damage, kidney damage.

Can be decreased with lifestyle changes or sometimes medication

Low pressure = poor circulation. Leads to feeling dizzy and fainting



Carbon monoxide - combines with haemoglobin in red blood cells. Reduces oxygen capacity

Nicotine - increases heart rate

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