B1 Illegal substances

this talks about alcohol and recreational illegal and lgal drugs

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Ecstacy and heroin, cannabis and cocaine - illegal drugs

alcohol, nicotine, caffine- legal drugs

Drugs alter the chemistry of your body hence why they cause great harm

once addicted to drugs you become dependent

if a user was to refrain from taking drugs they would feel very unwell suffering from headaches shaking sweating ect these are called withdrawl symptoms

people take drugs because of peer presure and because it makes them feel good about themselves

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Infectious dieseases are caused by microorganism entering and attacking the body

microorganism of this sort are called pathogens

bacterian and vruses cause diseases because ince they are inside the bisy they reproduce rapidly.

bacteria split into two amd they produce toxins which affect the body.

Viruses take over the cell as they reproduce damaging and destroying them.

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Defence Mechanism

There are ways to prevent the spread of pathogems:

Droplet infection: when you cough sneeze or talk tiny droplets come from you mouth. other people breathe in the droplets  and the pathogens they contain.  So they pick up the common cold or influenza

Direct contact: some diesease are spread through direct contact of the skin eg sexually transmittebd disease like gential herpes

Contaminated food and drink: Eating raw or uncooked food and drinkwing sewage water can spread diseases eg diarrohea

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