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Diet And Metabolic Rate

BALANCED DIET The right amount of energy provided

Carbohydrates - To release energy Fats - to keep warms and relese energy                                    Proteins - for growth, cell repair and cell replacement                                                             Fibre - keeps everything moving smoothly in the digestive system                                          Vitamins + Minerals - keep skin, bones and blood healthy  

Energy Needs Can Vary

The Metabolism are chemical reactions in the body that keep us alive (fueled by energy). The speed in which they occur is called the metabolic rate

The metabolic rate can vary depending on the person eg: muscles need more energy than fatty tissues so the higher the muscle proportion, the higher the metabolic rate.

People physically bigger will need more energy so they will also have a higher metabolic rate.

Regular exercise can increase your resting metabolic rate as it builds muscle

Males tend to have a higher metabolic rate as they tend to be bigger and more muscular than women 

The more active you are throughout the day, the more energy you will need and your metabolic rate will rise

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