A look a the ways to gain averages and the measure the spread of data in grouped data

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MODE - Most Common Data Value (Can be Used for Qualitative Data but Not Suitable is the values are very varied)

MEAN - Uses all the Values to find a Representitive Value for the data (Uses all the Data but is effected by extreme values)

Mean = (∑x)/n 

MEDIAN - The Middle Value when the data is in order (Not affected by extreme values but isn't a very good representitive)

RANGE - This is taking the Smallest Value away from the Biggest Value (It allows you to see the Range of the Values but is affected a lot by extreme values)

INTERQUARTILE RANGE - This is Taking the Lower Quartile away from the Upper Quartile and it gives you the middle 50% of data (Isn't affected by Extreme Values)


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