AV02 difference

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what is AV02 difference

Arterial - venouse difference 

this is the difference between the oxygen content of the arterial blood and venouse blood

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AV02 diff at rest

       venule       capillary     arteriole     artery

approx 15ml of oxygen                            approx 20ml of oxygen 
 per 100ml blood                                                            per 100ml blood


                            AV02 diff = 5ml per 100ml of blood       

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AV02 diff during exercise

 vein          venule          capillary         arteriole         artery

approx 5ml of oxygen                                              approx 20ml of oxygen                         per 100ml blood                                                                 per 100ml blood              


                                   AV02 diff = 15ml per 100ml blood

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why AV02 diff increases during exercise

more oxygen is used up during exercise as the demands for oxygen by the muscles is greater as it supplies energy to working muscles

more oxygen is used up by the body, before reaching the veinules and veins

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