Augustus Octavian Time line events



Octavian in Appolonia with Agrippa 

Caesar assasinated by Brutus and Cassius on the Ides of March

April - Octavian returns to Dalmatia in Rome to collect his inheritence and accept adoption

May - Antony won't hand over inheritence, so Oct. says he will pay off legacies with his own money 

June - Antony's consulship near to end, meant to govern macedonia but too far away so he is granted consuplship of Gaul of the next 5 years 

In the meantime Oct. and his wife fulvia go to Brundisium to meet the Macedonian legions and then go to Camponia to meet Ceasar's veterans to raise his own private army

Both Antony's and Oct's army want to kill Caesar's assaisins 

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Octavian now propraetor - current consuls Pansa and Hirtius 

Antony took his legions to Gaul to overthrow the current governor Decimus Brutus Albinius, a relativ of Brutus who killed Caesar. 

Despite Octavian not liking Brutus he helped the consul Hirtius overthrow Antony to prevent his position becoming legalsied so he was now fighting with hirtius against Ant and Pansa 

Antony is defeated but both consuls die

OCT BECOMES CONSUL, passes a law so the death of Caesar is now seen as a capital crime 

Nov - Oct, Ant and Lepidus all meetin bononia and enter an offical 5 year trumvirate, where they launch the proscriptions 

Oct marries Clodia, Ant's step daughter 

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Battle of Phillipi - Brutus and Cassius defeated 

Ant, Lep and Oct all go back to Rome and take land each

Lep - Africa

Oct - re settle veterans - Ant's brother and wife attack him 

Ant - Egypt, can get money 

40BC - Seige of Perusisa 

- Treaty of Brudism Antony marries Octavia, redistribute land between all three 

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  1. The Pact of Misenum was a treaty which ended the naval blockade of the Italian Peninsula during the Sicilian revolt. The pact was signed in 39 BC between Sextus Pompeius and the members of the Second Triumvirate.
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38 - triumvirate renewed, Oct marries Livia Drusilla 

Sextus Pompeius defeats Octavian in Cumae 

37 - treaty of Tarentum renewing triumviratship for additional 5 years

36 - Oct defeats sextus pompeius at naulochus 

Lepidus dropped from triumvirate 

Antony starts his Parthian expedition 

35 - Octavian campaigns in Balkans 

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33 - Octavian's second consulship 

Triumvirate lapses 

Agrippa aedile - Public works

32 - Antony divorces Octavia 

Octavian publishes antony's will 

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31 - Battle of Actium, Antony defeated goes to Egypt 

Octavian thrid consulship 

30 - Antony and cleopatra comitt suicide 

29 - temple of Julius caesar and Curia Julia dedicated 

28 - Octavians eighth consulship 

review of senate size, temple of apollo on paletine dedicated 

27 - Oct named augustus 

27 - 24 augustus in gaul and spain 

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