Audience Theories.

Audience theories in the media.

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Life Matrix

1. Priority Parents - Care about Family values.

2. Rugged Traditionalists - Have traditional male values.

3. Home Soldiers - Mainly stay at home, Also care about family values.

4. Tribe wired -Creative young singles.

5. Renaissance Women -Active mothers.

6. Free Birds - Active senior citizens.

7. Settled elders - Older non-active citizens.

8. Dynamic Duos -Couples with high asperations.

9. Struggling Singles - Singles with high asperations for low income.

10. Fun/Atics -Fun-seeking young singles.

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Young and Rubicam’s Four Consumers.

Mainstreamers - Makes up the main percent of people. They like feeling secure and belonging to something.

Aspirers - Look up to certain designer labels and social status. Like designer labels and status icons.

Succeeders - People that already have status and security.

Reformers -

Define themselves by their self-esteem and self-fulfilment.

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