Audience Categories

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This is the largest group, who tend to be domestic, conform, and are conventional and sentimental.  They seek security and favour value-for-money family brands.

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This group is typically formed of younger people.  They seek status, are materialistic, concerned with image and appearance.

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This group is typically higher management and professional, who are confident and seek control.  They are goal-minded, organised and work hard.

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This group comprises mainly older people, who are interested in the past and the traditional.  They seek to survive and have rigid and authoritarian values.

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This group consists of a younger demographic, such as students.  They are individuals, have energy and seek to discover new experiences.   

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This group consists of a lower demographic, such as low-income groups.  They seek escape; buy alcohol, junk food and lottery tickets.  They have few resources other than physical skills.  They can be alienated and disorganised

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This group are individuals with social awareness and independent judgment.  They are anti-materialistic, but have good taste and social awareness.

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