Attempts to reduce deforestation



United nations programme on reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degredation.

The aim of this international programme is thinking of ways to counter the forces driving deforestation and to make sure that the needs of indigenous tribes are met. This programme also makes payments if forested areas are left untouched.

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This international programme is known as the united nations forum on forests:

It aims to promote the conservation, management and sustainable development of forests and it tries to ensure the long term commitment of governments to sustainably manage the forests.

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This is an international treaty and it stands for convention on international trade of endangered species:

It is an international agreement between different governments to ensure that international trade in animal and plant species doesn't threaten their survival.

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This is an international agreement set up in 2006 and it means the international tropical timber agreement:

The aims of this agreement are to promote the expansion and diversification of international trade in tropical timber from sustainably managed and legally harvested forests and it also aims to promote the sustainable management of forests which "produce" tropical timber.

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