Behaviourists-mainy based on there beahviour 

there are two types of conditions which are :

Classical conditioning:this is when you learn through association. Eg the mother gets associated with food 

operant conditioning:this is when you learn through positive reinforcemnt.

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Bowlbys theory of attachment:

  • Children have a innate drive to become attached to a caregiver becasue attatchment has long term benefits 
  • There is a sensitive period which is that infants need to form there main attatchments between the ages of 0-3 because past then and it will bbecome harder to form that attatchment 
  • The drive to provide caregiving is also innate because its adaptive. social releasers are certain characteristics for eg smiling or crying. 
  • Monotrophy is having a relatoinship with one main caregiver -the primary carer 
  • The continuity hypothesis is that there is a link between the early attatchment relationships and later emotional behaviour 
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strengths and weaknesses


  • imprinting in non human animals:imprinting is innate 
  • sensitive period: once this period has passed it is difficult to form attatchments. 
  • universality: we would expect attatchment and caregiving behaviours to to be universal 

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