these are the key words for the attachments topic.

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a close emotional relationship between 2 people characterised by mutal affection and a desire to maintain close promixity.(Schaffer 1993)

mutual=must be reciprocated

promixity=want to be close

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insecure attatchment

a negative working model of relationships. bond is weaker and this may result in an anxious or insecure relationships between infant and caregiver.

3 types of insecure attachment

  • avoidance (type A)
  • resistance (type B)
  • disorganised (type D)
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Secure attachment

a strong content bond between infant and caregiver. infant shows distress at separation and comforted when reunited.

a positive working model of relationships

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temperament hypothesis

3 basic personality types: easy, difficult, and slow to warm up

child forms secure attachments= "easy" temperament

child forms insecure attachments= difficult temperament.

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being removed from something or someone for a period of time

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a loss of something or not being allowed contact to something or someone.

e.g loss of an attachment figure

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where an individual has never had something.

e.g the lack of a non development of an attachment bond.

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isolated children

an example of extreme privation

during their early years they have usually been locked away by their parents and isolated from the wider society

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attachment disorder

it has been recognised as a distinct psychiatric condition and explains the effects of early disruptions in attachments.


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