Attachment and attachment types

definition of attachment and the different types of attachment

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a strong emotional bond between a child and a parent that is shown by upset when separated and happiness when reunited.

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type a insecure avoidant

  • show no distress when mother leaves
  • shows little interest when mother returns
  • okay with stranger and is happy to play with him or her present
  • can be comforted by mother and stranger
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type b secure

  • shows upset when mother leaves
  • shows happiness when mother returns
  • avoids stranger when alone, but friendly if mother is present
  • uses mother as a base for playing and exploring the room
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type c insecure resistant

  • shows intense distress when mother leaves
  • child goes to mother when she returns but resists contact with her
  • child shows fear of stranger
  • child cries more than type a and b
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