Disruption of attachment

Robertson&Robertson: Foster care


3x children fostered for 3 weeks

Same toys, routine and visited parents in hospital

Reluctant to leave their foster mum- shows an emotional attachment


- Robertsons didnt want to admit to poor care - altered the findings

- No follow up data- the children may have displayed negative behaviour towards their parents when they went home.

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Disruption of attachment

Robertson&Roberston: John (residential care)


Residential nursery for 9 days

Nursers swapped regularly - no consistant care

Displayed attention seeking and refused food and water

Attached to a teddy bear

Pushed mother away when she came to pick him up + showed this aggression for months


- Cause and effect? May have a resistant attachment

+ Bilfulco et al. = Disruptions leads to increased psychological vunerability e.g. mental disorders

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