Why is ATP a good immediate energy source?

  • Releases small, manageable amounts of energy
  • Breaks down in a single, one step reaction
  • Too big to diffuse out of cell
  • Soluble so can be transported to different parts of the cell
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How is ATP made in the mitochondria?

  • Substrate phosphorylation in the Links Reaction and Kreb Cycle produces ATP 
  • Reduced NAD and reduced FAD made in the Krebs Cycle
  • These reduced co-enzymes release an electron that is passed along an electron transport chain, releasing energy as it does so which is used to pump protons into the intermembrane space
  • Energy is released as they diffuse back into the Matrix
  • Used to reform ATP from ADP + Pi using ATP synthase
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What is ATP used for in the cell?

  • Provides the energy for muscle contractions- provides the energy for the filaments of muscle to slide past one another and therefore shorten the overall length of muscle
  • Active Transport
  • Protein Sythesis
  • Hormone production
  • Cell division
  • Activation of molecules (via phosphorylation)
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